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Space Coast Linux & OSS Meetup

    At the tail end of 2009 I was speaking with Zoopster, and decided it was time to start a Space Coast Meet-up similar to his Tampa Linux & OSS  Meet-up that he established. The main goals for this group are to advocate the use of Free Linux & Open Source Software and to help other newcomers with struggles they experience while learning to use, and potentially switch over to using Linux. I noticed several people seeking to find other Linux and Open Source Software users in nearby towns and figured that it only made sense to try and broaden the scope a bit to include those users. So far 17 members have joined (it’s 20 total, but I am excluding myself and the other organisers). we had a first meet-up, Lupine was gracious enough to host it.
    I am hoping to get everyone involved more with contributing whenever possible to their favorite projects, and hope to to do some social events, and genuinely have fun with it! Wish us luck!