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Beach Work Out, Saturday, 9:30 AM

    We had a great workout, and I've decided it's time to add this to the topics that I post on my blog site. We arrived at Canova Beach in Indian Harbour Beach Area around 1/2 an hour early.  We took the equipment down to the beach and began getting everything setup for the "fun" workout of the day. We started doing a warm up that involved Samson Stretches, Lunges, Head Rotations, Hip Rotations, and Knee Rotations. Then we added High Kicks, Butt Kickers, and did a few dry runs on the new items that were added to the WOD. We practiced Fireman Carrys, Buddy Pushups, and Buddy Burpees, so that we could be sure to know what was being asked of us, during the workout. 

    On the whiteboard it read:

    Beach WOD Teams Of 2




    400 Meter Run w/ Kettle Bell (using the Kettle Bell weight that you planned to use for the KB Swings)

    80 Buddy Push-Ups

    200 Meter Fireman Carry

    100 Kettle Bell Swings (70/50)

    200 Meter Buddy Drag

    120 Buddy Burpees

    400 Meter Run w/ Kettle Bell


    New Folks


    400 Meter Run

    40 Push Ups

    200 Meter Sandbag Carry

    60 Ground to Overheads

    200 Meter Sandbag Carry

    60 Burpees

    400 Meter Run


    Teams were broken down into pairs of two, and Jason and I decided to join forces since we were both pretty decently matched weight and height wise. We also decided at the beginning to do mostly prescription, except the Kettle Bell weight. We used 50#'s instead of the Rx 70 assigned for males/members. We had a really good workout, and we really had to dig down deep to fully complete this. The beach sand definitely took it's toll and made it much more difficult. We decided no matter what to keep going and didn't give in. Our time was somewhere in the neighborhood of 47:30, which I feel was excellent considering the difficulty of this killer workout. Thanks to everyone from Crossfit Rise Above for participating, and thanks to our coaches for the challenge.