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Veterans' Memorial Geocache

    Just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I took up the hobby of geocaching. During the holiday itself, my family and I decided that this holiday, we were going to do things a little different. We decided that we would eat a nice meal with the family, and then sneak in some geocaching afterward until it became dark. My nephew was home from college, and he had never tried to geocache before. So it was with great excitement that we headed out and found two caches at a nearby park, located not very far from his home.
         The next day, all of us went once again and met up with some friends at Wickham Park. We proceeded to attempt 5 or 6 more caches and had success on all but one. Sean and Breanna really enjoyed finding caches together, but Sean had to cut the day short, as he had to take care of some items before returning back to campus. He also needed to prepare for some fishing with his Dad, early the following morning.
         On Saturday, we decided to do some caching but this time decided that we would try a puzzle cache. There are close to a dozen different types of caches, all of which are described here. The one we chose was entitled, "A Few Good Men", and it was located at the Melbourne Military Memorial Park, next to the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum. As the name implies, the cache owner was paying tribute to his father, who had proudly served in the Marine Corps.

         This was an excellent choice for a first puzzle cache attempt with the family in tow. We were one number off for the final coordinates and fortunately it landed us inside the Musem. The memborabilia and collectibles on display were beautiful but the highlight of the trip for me was to learn that their media stations were running Ubuntu with the plan of adding more.

         The curator of the Museum was a nice fellow, he took us around and showed us all of the wonderful items on display. I asked him how he was able to build such a great collection, he told me that most of evertyhing was given as donations by former service men and women. He was mentioned how a Retired Airforce guy pretty much helped the museum out by getting the donated computers, formatting their hard drives, and installing Ubuntu on them all. The video formats that they play for their exhibits are .vob!
         After spending a little more time with Mr. Jack Hisey, we went back outside to finish up the cache! Fortunately this time we found it rather quickly, after readjusting ourselves to follow the proper coordinates. I was glad we made that little blunder though, because without that minor setback we would not have learned so much about the Musem and their mission. We also would not have learned about how they are using Ubuntu to help raise awareness for their Museum and the media programs they use to educate the public on the sections within their Museum.