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Geocaching for Fun and Adventure!

    To be honest, I have been looking for a hobby that is different from the norm, and could potentially help get me back on the right track for becoming fit once again. Geocaching seems to have all bases covered.
    There are a couple of factors that have went into my decision to try Geocaching. My wife, Hannya, and I have often went for walks at Turkey Creek Sanctuary located in Palm Bay, Florida. On one occasion she had met up with a couple that were "Geocaching". Hannya really seemed interested, and asked me about it several times.
    A Co-worker and good friend of mine had always mentioned that Geocaching was a passion of his, and that he and his family had began caching together a couple of years back. He also mentioned that he would teach me a bit about caching and that on days that he actually would come to the office to work, would even go caching with me.
    I decided to take the plunge a couple of Sundays ago. I had did a little research and noticed that there were a couple of decent Android Applications out there in the Market for Geocaching. THe one that I have chosen to use is c:geo. THe next thing that I had to do was go to's Site and register an account to use to begin locating caches. Two things are important to note. You don't really need a premium account, the free account functions just fine except you will not see premium membership "required" caches. The other thing is that the c:geo application has been accused of  violating the Terms of Service based on how it pulls data from all areas of the site.
    If you decide that you really enjoy geocaching I would recommend that you get the premium membership. For $30 dollars a year you are supporting geocaching and all of the backend infrastructure of Ground Speak, Inc. provides.