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The Terminal

    I don't know what you all think of when you hear about Ubuntu, or I suppose in this case Linux in general; but when I heard about it the first thing that popped into my head was some guy, hunched over his box, slamming arcane commands into a terminal and accomplishing amazing things faster than I could ever hope to with my mouse!  Needless to say, I wanted to (want to) be that guy.  I love efficiency.  I love minimalism and simplicity.  If I can accomplish something without my fingers leaving the keyboard to use a mouse then I'm a happy camper.  
    Needless to say, the first thing I did when I installed Ubuntu was change my wallpaper.  The SECOND thing I did was pull up a terminal.  I had googled some basic commands earlier in the day and I wanted to try em out and see how they worked.  They worked well enough.  I could now move from directory to directory and see what files were there (though poorly organized and not all of them).  I could create a folder and delete it.  Andddd that was about it.  I was less than thrilled.  I tried to move a file to another folder once.  It vanished.  So back to irc I went.  Back to the welcoming arms of those who could help me (and find my file.  Which they did.  Thanks, btw, Itnet).
    And again, from these people, I learned much (though I'm still a neophyte in the ways of the CLI).  I learned pipes, and greps and apts and tops and mvs and cps and kills and all sortsa fascinating things.  There's a lot to know.  Hell, there's a lot to know that I don't even know there is to know  (hopefully that made some semblence of sense).  But I'm learning slowly, and the terminal is now a daily part of my computer use.  I use it to open my text files (and hell, sometimes edit them).  I use it to manage my processes and see what's taking up my memory (very little, thank you Linux kernel).  And mostly I just have fun playing around with commands and learning how things work little by little.
    I don't say any of this to dissuade anyone's interest in Ubuntu.  Far from it.  Very little that I do in the terminal can't be done from within the GUI, I just choose a different path.  The important thing to note is that there are OPTIONS available to you!  Just a casual user whose interested in a free, stable, fast operating system to replace your clunky, expensive memory hog Windows distro?  Ubuntu has everything you need in spades and it's unlikely you'll have to dive into the terminal to do anything complex or confusing.  Power user whose interested in the speed, efficiency and flexability?  You have access to a robust command line that you can probably spend the rest of your life learning and still not know everything there is to know.  Thankfully you have a built in manual that'll get you most of what you need, and if that manual fails then you have an amazingly experienced community to back you up and make your transition as painless as possible.
    So with that said, I'll bid you adieu, because I'm trying to remember how to echo a cache search to the terminal and at the same time output that search to a text file and the method is just not sticking in my mind.  So I shall have to see what I can do about that.  Take care and good luck.