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LoCo Team Reports

    Whether you're a newly founded LoCo Team or have been one since LoCo Teams were formed, There are some really important ways that your experiences can be quickly turned into a winning situation for everyone involved.  That coupled with the fact that there is an improved method of having your reports appear on the Main Team Reports page.
         I am going to try and help you understand the process from the perspective of a new team that has never done a single report. This way you will have a concise guide, and can begin contributing your reports as soon as possible.
         In this Example we are going to use a mythical LoCo Team called Utopia. They have created their inital wiki page similar to most teams, with their starting page* (remember these are only example links). Here are the Steps I would recommend...

         For some of you this should be enough to get you started. I plan on creating some videos to show this process, as I think it would really help beginning teams get started in the right direction. Visualizing it can truly help with the learning curve on dealing with Wiki's for those that are new to utilizing them.
         As LoCo Teams, we should not simply do Team Reports and make them routine and trivial, but we should write them with the intent of motivating others. This is one area where others can check out what the rest of our great community is doing, and Ubuntu Weekly News publishes the Reports as well.
         So while reading a Team Report, remember, If you see something you like and are interested in learning "how that was done", or "How did you organize that event?", you can contact the team and find out more information. 9 times out of 10, they will gladly provide further details and feedback for your future event, etc.