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Barcamp Orlando 2010

    Barcamp 2010 was great this year. Only one day, but the talks were excellent and as always the venues were great. David Baucum (maxolasersquad) gave a talk on how he was able to help his company "open source" their Point of Sale system.

    The Florida Team was definitely well represented as many members came from literally allover the state. dantalizing (Gaineseville), maddog_2009 (Melbourne), crashsystems (Plant City), maxolasersquad (Tallahassee), pak33m (Orlando), govatent (Miami), and razertec.

    Caring Compy was there! We met Chris Jones, their leading techinical partner. Caring Compy is a really cool charity, whose goal is two fold.

    1. Keep serviceable computers out of landfills and repurpose them.
    2. Provide people in need with harware Caring Compy received through donations. Deploy them using Ubuntu, and train them to learn how to use them.

    I decided at the last minue to do a quick barcamp session that I called: "I've installed Ubuntu, now what?" The talk went pretty well, I used this session as an opportunity to discuss how new users could easily find help after trying Ubuntu. I highlighted the forums, irc, launchpad answers, and LoCo teams. One of the reasons I was prompted to do this speech is that I often hear a couple of key questions:
    "What's a LoCo Team?"
    "I had no idea that Florida has thier very own LoCo Team"