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UDS-Meerkat Brussels here we come!

    That was the first paragraph of an e-mail I received just last week from Jorge Castro on behalf of Canonical! I would like to take a moment and thank Canonical for supporting the community in such an awesome way, and I would also like to encourage others to apply for sponsorship in the future.
    For those of you that have never heard of UDS before, the acronym stands for "Ubuntu Developer Summit". UDS is a unique gathering of Software Developers, Community, and Design folks. Collaboratively, these contributors spend one solid week together discussing roadmaps, and plans for developing the next release of Ubuntu. UDS is held twice annually prior to each new development cycle. This provides a unique opportunity for many contributors to work face to face on specific tasks. The sites for UDS are often chosen, in effort to help everyone focus on the tasks at hand. The venues are first class, having worldclass conference rooms, plenary areas, and A/V equipment at each teams disposal.
    How can I apply you may be wondering?
    For this UDS, Jono posted this anouncement  to his blog. This was both an anouncement for UDS-M and also a call for sponsorship requests. It was very detailed and in order to apply, I just followed the steps that he listed. I would try and not wait to long to apply, as the longer I waited, the more hesitant I became. You are asked to log in to launchpad and  to create an account if you don't already have one. Once logged in you are asked a couple of question that you have to answer. There is usually a submit by date, about a week or so after that you should hear something one way or the other. It's important to note that not everyone can be approved, and that tons of great contributors apply, if you don't receive sponsorship your first or second try don't give up! Well it's getting late, and I need to get some rest. So I am going to close for now!
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