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    Ubucon @ South East Linux Fest

    Today, I was able to actually make it over to South Carolina for the South East Linux Fest. Friday, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m there were some really great sessions. Here is the breakdown:

    Barcamp Orlando 2010

    Barcamp 2010 was great this year. Only one day, but the talks were excellent and as always the venues were great. David Baucum (maxolasersquad) gave a talk on how he was able to help his company "open source" their Point of Sale system.

    The Florida Team was definitely well represented as many members came from literally allover the state. dantalizing (Gaineseville), maddog_2009 (Melbourne), crashsystems (Plant City), maxolasersquad (Tallahassee), pak33m (Orlando), govatent (Miami), and razertec.


    Android test

    UDS-Meerkat Brussels here we come!

    That was the first paragraph of an e-mail I received just last week from Jorge Castro on behalf of Canonical! I would like to take a moment and thank Canonical for supporting the community in such an awesome way, and I would also like to encourage others to apply for sponsorship in the future.

    Drupal Meetup April 2010

    Tonight was great, I attended the 2nd Brevard Drupal Meetup. There were 9 of us total, which is not to shabby considering it was only our second meeting. The topic was theming and subtheming, very good information was being shown. I learned about several new drupal modules that I had never heard of before. The default theme was started with was Pixture Reloaded. Mike from DrupalEasy went through and showed us where we can look to see what can change and how using the .tpl.php files (TippleFipp's).

    Space Coast Linux & OSS Meetup

    At the tail end of 2009 I was speaking with Zoopster, and decided it was time to start a Space Coast Meet-up similar to his Tampa Linux & OSS  Meet-up that he established. The main goals for this group are to advocate the use of Free Linux & Open Source Software and to help other newcomers with struggles they experience while learning to use, and potentially switch over to using Linux. I noticed several people seeking to find other Linux and Open Source Software users in nearby towns and figured that it only made sense to try and broaden the scope a bit to include those users.

    HP-Lip Device Manager

    Open synaptic: System –> Administration –> Synaptic Package Manager. Search for hp, locate “hplip-cups” right click, and “Mark for Installation”. Hit apply. Once finished, In synaptic find the hplip-gui, again “Mark for Installation”. Once completed you should be able to go to System –> Preferences –> and you should see HP Toolbox.

    64-bit Ubuntu Desktop FTW

    Yesterday, inspired by Lupine, I decided to upgrade my Dell XPS 1730 to 64-bit Ubuntu Desktop. Even though I have heard a couple of people try to say that it wouldn’t be a great move. I am happy to report that I haven’t had any major issues at all, that I have been able to notice. Only truly minor things. I have added everything that I usually add on a 32-bit desktop and everything seems to just work. I have added most of Lupine’s Suggested PPA’s and have had great results. Performance to me seems to have improved.

    UDS-Lucid Day One


    Day one was great! It began with the 1st Morning plenary session, where Jono kicked off with his Welcome Session where he showed some slides that help set the mood for the week. Pictures are shown of LoCo’s as wells as past UDS events, and I really think that the presentation helps get those contributors that are attending UDS for the first time up to speed. Mark Shuttleworth was asked to come up and give his vision heading towards Lucid Lynx.

    Thinking about the FL Team Logo

    Comments? Likes?


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